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In reality, understanding the brain and the role our biochemistry will continue to be one of our biggest challenges, joys and frustrations. However, the more we understand about how we as a species behave, what affects us, how it affects us, what changes our behaviors, habits and health, both positively and negatively, the better equipped we become as friends, partners, colleagues, leaders, and customers to have more successful relationships and exchanges.

Program Offerings

Discover and nurture the Six A’s of personal transformation: Awareness, Attitude, Acceptance, Accountability, Adaptability & Attention

The program coverage:
  • Awareness will help you decide where you are and how can you progress ahead. It makes you understand your past conditioning and mental programming.
  • Attitude shapes your perception and interaction with people which also defines your power to take charge of your life.
  • Acceptance level develops your capacity to accept & renew your circumstances and experiences of life.
  • Accountability aspect makes you more credible, responsible and authentic.
  • Adaptability helps you to become more resilient, courageous and flexible towards various challenges of life.
  • Attention span regulates your priorities, responsiveness and cognitive capacity to invest in self transformation.

The mind’s most challenging yet most critical power to achieve success in life

The program coverage:
  • This program helps you to invigorate your inner workings of mental, emotional, and physical processes via the neuroscience of being Mindful.
  • Session includes guided meditation, practical tools and tips for awareness and the methodology of breath-thought confluence to enhance inner wellbeing.

Rewire your brain in a systematic method on how, what and why to think correctly

The program coverage:
  • Program curriculum covers developing the art of enhanced thinking via the science of logical, critical, and effective thinking skills in personal and professional life.
  • Includes the deep study of ‘Metacognition’ that involves developing an awareness of your own thought process & strategies to improve specific thinking patterns.

Apply principles of neuroscience to conquer stress in the real manner

The program coverage:
  • Discover and apply scientific principles of neurobiology, neurochemistry and positive psychology to overcome stress.
  • Program includes application of evidence-based micro tools and techniques to lead a stress-free life.

Going deep in the science of mind-to-mind communication via conversations and writings

The program coverage:
  • Adapt and apply principles of conscious communication in daily interactions with various people around you.
  • Conscious communication is a cognitive skill and not an innate talent and hence it can be fine-tuned with consistent practice.


We understand that these five Mind Skills hold great potential in enabling better productivity at workplace.
Attention & Focus
Emotional Regulation
Brain Optimization
Handling Stress